Increase website traffic for free (not for Adsense websites)

Generate website traffic for free to increase your website’s Alexa Ranking

Guys, you can Increase website traffic for free and can get a minimum of 6,000 visitors monthly very fast on your website for absolutely free.

There are so many website holders who’re still struggling to get traffic into their website and increase website ranking but trust guys this will be not a problem for you at all.

You can Increase website traffic for free with the FREE plan and if you can spend little money to buy traffic then you can get also Over 1 Billion impressions on websites every month. is an Increase website traffic selling website that also offers FREE plans to get over 6,000 hits to your website monthly. They deliver high-quality traffic in their trial version plan as well so you can try it now without any hassle.

Your Google Adsense is not safe!

I had used this traffic generator for 2 months and google Adsense banned my website Ads temporarily.

I got Adsense notice: The number of ads you can show has been limited.

spark traffic generator

If you are using Adsense on your website then don’t use it as google track bot traffic in their system.

Increases your Alexa Ranking

Each plan offers a guaranteed Alexa boost. The warranty works in case of you having a certified Alexa account and you provide with access to it for us being able to control your ranking improve.

In case of your site didn’t reach the guaranteed minimum ranking you receive a refund for this month (Wow), the refund is calculated in proportion to the difference between your ranking at the beginning of the month and the guaranteed value. This is the best way to increase website ranking and google SEO.

Important notes

As soon as you activate any plan from SparkTraffic make sure to set a limit of visitors a day from settings. if you don’t set limit then SparkTraffic will send you all traffic at the same time and your poor server will stop responding until your limit gets over.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Guaranteed traffic menu
  2. Select My projects
  3. Click on Edit button (visible only after activating any plan)
  4. Scroll down to Basic Settings section
  5. Select Traffic speed slider and minimize it from 100% to 20% or nearby (up to your server capacity).

Watch SparkTraffic in action!



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