How to buy a domain name, web hosting and set up the database?

You can buy a domain and web hosting from any Web hosting providers such as Godaddy, BluehostAWS and many more but I will consider Godaddy in this whole article as an example.

Step 1:

Visit and search for your perfect domain name (website name). Make sure to choose a relevant domain name matches to your business name or website topic/concept.

I have searched in this example.

It may cost you approx $11.99 a year if you buy a .com (top-level domain) and if you want to go for a cheaper price domain then you can buy country-specific top-level domains. for example: .in, .uk, .au, .de, .fi, .fr, .jp, .kr, .nl

buy domain and web hosting

Step 2

After adding a domain into the cart you need to buy Web hosting for storing your website files, folders and responding users web page requests. It may cost you approx $72 a year for Economy package but if you have big requirements then you should choose the Ultimate or Maximum package.

Each package has different server configurations by RAM, Memory, Processor or Bandwidth. For a new website set up, you can select a small plan like Economy or Deluxe and if after a year the number of website visitors increases you can upgrade the plan very easily.

buy domain and web hosting

Step 3

After buying a domain and web hosting you need to configure them with each other.

So you just need to log in your GoDaddy account then select Manage Hosting from the menu then click on your domain name and from there you can select your currently brought server which could be based on Linux or Windows OS.

Step 4

Now time to create a Database for your website. The database is a set of your website data such as user profile records, product details records, etc.

To create Database select Manage Hosting from the menu then Next to the cPanel account you want to use, click Manage.

Click on cPanel Admin and then in the Database section click MySQL Database Wizard.

It will ask you for a New Database name and then click Next Step. Fill up the UsernamePassword, and Password (Again) input fields, and then click Create User. Select the privileges to grant the user and then click Next Step.

buy domain and web hosting

That’s all my friends. If you think you still need help or you mess up anything in setting up then just don’t worry about it you can straight call to the Web hosting provider or chat with them. They will help you out and give you steps to resolve the problem.

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