Importance of Blogs in SEO

What is Blog?

A blog is an online publication or informational page on the website that stores the questions and answers written by the group writer. The writers usually write some content i.e. questions and answers. Also, Different WordPress Blogs Themes are available for creating personal blog websites.

WordPress Blog Theme is a featured simple and clean design that is the center of attraction on blog posts.

The WordPress blog theme is used to create a blog post for any type of business it can be fashion, lifestyle, personal, photography, etc. A blog can be a combination of text, hypertext, images, videos, and links, etc.  Mostly blog focus on a particular topic or subject. The latest post or blog is displayed at the top of the blog section. All WordPress theme blogs are easy to install using theme customizer.

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Importance of Blogs in SEO:

If you want to rank your website to the top of the Google search you need to provide the best and the quality content on the website. No matter what’s your website is about. But matter’s the content on your website. The best content on the website is crawled firstly by Google.

You know that there are a number of websites for the same business, so if any user wants to find the best website for the best business how they will search?

For this problem, SEO plays an important role with the help of a search engine, the best content website will be shown at the top of the Google search and hence the user will get the desired result. Blogging helps to boost SEO quickly. It provides quality answers to your clients or user questions.


Why Blogging really helps SEO?

Regular Blogging remains your website bold and up to date.

Blogging is the best and easiest way to create the content which is relevant and correct so that it keeps your website fresh and up to date. Daily and weekly blogging are needed to get a website online success that can drive more and more traffic to your website business.

A blog remains people on your website for the long term.

Blogs are created by using a blog WordPress theme to improve or enhance the reading experience of the users. If your content is having some sense that the content is true, then the user will keep reading your content this will help people to keeps longer available on your blogs and websites.

Blogging assist to target longer keywords

Focusing on long team keywords is the best SEO strategy. Long keywords get less user search traffic but have a high conversation rate. It increases your search engine’s organic traffic.

A blog provides you the chance for internal linking

Internal linking connects the small section of content over your website. it is a simple but effective way to bring traffic. It is necessary to create at least 1 internal link on every single blog.

A standard blog gives others sites more cause to link back to your site

For example, if some people are trying to explain the topic to the users but not getting the proper content to explain. In that case, if your blog gives some useful and accurate information, your blog will be linked to other websites. this will also help to bring more user traffic.


How Google takes care of the website is up to date or not.

Initial creation date

Google checks the last date of changes made and compares the website is up to date or not.

Size of the change

Google checks the exact size of the changes i.e. small changes are made or big changes are made.

Type of change

It checks the type of change that is made on the website, to check the freshness score like changes to the script, comments, advertisement, header, and footer, etc.

Rate of change

With the help of an algorithm, Google calculates the percentage changes that have been made.

New page creation

Google checks if the new page or blog is created on the website

Rate of link growth

Google checks the rate of backlinks that have been created in the last few days

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