What are blog posts? How to write blog posts in WordPress?

In this WordPress tutorial, I will tell you what is a blog post and how to write blogs in WordPress but first please make sure you have a website to get it started.

Many people nowadays are willing to create their own websites and posting blogs, probably because they love to write about their passion or they just want to make money from blogs.

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what is a guest blog post?

Guest blogging or guest posting is contributing a post to another person’s blog in order to build relationships, exposure, authority, and links.

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

A sponsored blog post is a blog post that you are paid to publish on your blog website. It may be written by you or by the advertisers.


How to write blog posts in WordPress?

  • Login to WordPress admin backend(Dashboard).
  • Click on Posts > Add New tab from the sidebar menu.

What is a blog postThere are many fields you can see in the above screenshot, few fields are mandatory and few you can left blank. I will explain each field one by one below.

Post Title

In the Add title placeholder, you need to enter the title of your blog or article. Please make sure you cover all major words of your blog headline within 70 characters for good SEO.

Although of course, you can have more or less than 70 characters in the title.

Post Description

To start writing content for your blog see the start writing or type / to choose a block placeholder underneath the Add title.

From the Plus icon at the top left corner, you can style and format your blog in an incredible way. When you click on Plus icon there you can see six tabs Most Used, Common Blocks, Formatting, Layout Elements, Widgets, and Embeds. I will explain only the useful tabs which bloggers require.

Common blocks are the most useful tab among all tabs. It contains Paragraph, Image, Headline, Gallary, List, Quotes, audio, cover, and file, As these elements name suggest their need you can pick any of them to make your blog attractive.

Layout Elements has also many amazing elements to make your blog look pretty such as Button, Columns, Media & Text, More, Page Break, Separator, Spacer.

You can add a button in the blog and hyperlink it to send users to another blog or page.

With columns, you can create multiple columns to separate the text from one another vertically.

With Media & Text, you can create amazing images and text blogs. The image at left and its headline and description text on the right side.

What is a blog post

Widgets tab includes very advanced elements, In that, you have Shortcodes, Archives, Calendar, Categories, Latest Comments, Latest Posts, RSS, Search, and Tag Cloud.

Shortcodes are a kind of function call method created in WordPress. In many WordPress plugins nowadays tells the user to add shortcode to enable functionality to that specific page.

Archives are useful to display old posts by year and month. The calendar is a beautiful feature by WordPress editor, you can literally add a calendar into your blog although it has no more use than that.

You can show your website’s blogs from any specific category by Category element also you can list the latest blogs of your website from the Latest Posts element.

Embed tab will let you insert many social site’s posts into your blogs like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Spotify, flicker and many more. You just need to copy post URL from the social site, pick the same social site element and paste the URL into that element.


In the above screenshot, you can see a Categories tab in the right sidebar, from here you can assign your blog to any specific category from your blog belongs to.

For example, if you are writing a blog on Apple then Fruits is the parent category and Apple will be sub-category. You can create a new category from the Posts > Categories menu or just click on + Add New Category link in your blog.


If you are wondering tags mean in WordPress is just like Twitter or Instagram tags then you are one hundred percent right here. WordPress gives users to tag their blogs to be found easily when the user clicks on that particular tag to see more related to that tag.

Featured Image

Featured image is nothing but an image for blogs. Every blog does have an image to represent the blog visually. Without a featured image, a blog looks like a building without color paint. lol

From the Featured image click on the set featured image area to upload or select the image.

What is a blog post

Excerpt and Discussion

An excerpt is the short description input area of your blog. When your Theme blog page loads the blogs list into any webpage it shows a small description of your blogs. if you left it blank then your Theme will fetch blog full description to show in the small description with limited character length.

From the Discussion section in the sidebar, you can turn on or turn off the comments section in your blog. You can simply click on Allow Comments checkbox to turn it on or off.

Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blogs that you’ve linked to them. So if you link to a WordPress blog they will be notified itself using the pingbacks and no other action is necessary.

What is a blog post

Setting Up Post URL (Permalink)

WordPress automatically creates URL for blogs or page, It allows users to edit the permalink of the blog. To edit the permalink click on the Permalink tab from the sidebar to open it, there you will see URL Slug textbox where you can manually enter the URL of the blog or page. You can also see the preview down below of that section.

Status & Visibility

Users can keep their blogs either public, private or password protected. Click on Status & Visibility tab from the sidebar and click on Public link beside the Visibility label, a popup will open to give you the option to select post visibility.

Users can select blog publishing time whenever they want to schedule it or publish it immediately. To pick the specific time click on the Immediately link beside the Publish label then a calendar popup will appear from that you can select day and time to schedule publish it.

What is a blog post

There is also a checkbox called Stick to the top of the blog which is used to make your blog sticky among all blogs. When you mark your blog sticky will show at the top spot regardless of the date in the blog listing page.

Publishing Post

You can save your post into draft mode if you think it’s not done now and needs more work later. Click on the Save Draft button to not publish it but save it in the draft.

When you are done with your all editing in the blog you can click on the Publish button to publish it on the website. Keep in mind if you have selected a different day and time to publish the blog then even after a click on the publish button it will schedule to publish on that specific day, so if you change your mind later and publish it immediately then change its publish day time.

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